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Businesses Need SEO

Nearly every online experience begins with a search engine (93% to be exact). This means when people want something online, they use these engines to find it. How do you get your share of those customers? You search engine optimize, of course.

When performed correctly, SEO should be driving you’re the main source of leads for your business. SEO provides so much more than just leads however. It also ensures a better user experience across devices, builds brand awareness, and can even improve sales and conversions.

Why You Need A Pro

SEO is so much more than just using correct tags or avoiding broken links. It involves highly technical skills, planning, strategy, consistent maintenance, and a deep understanding of your customers. Simply installing a free plugin on your website will not be enough to get you growth you want, that is where we come in.

At UJM, we partner with clients to learn their business and provide them solutions that fit their budget and yield measurable results. We offer more than just “fixes” to your website, we can create strategies that not only increase traffic to your website but also provide real insight into your customers and competitors.

Are you eager to start seeing results? Contact us today and let’s begin growing your business.

    • SEO Audit
      • Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other Tools
      • On-page, off-page, and technical assessment
    • Gap Analysis
    • Review search rankings, keywords, position vs. competitors, and uncover opportunities
    • Backlink Analysis
    • Assess backlinks and linking domains, along with domain authority
    • 10-15 page report
    • Highlight key findings
    • Score overall ranking
    • Present opportuni0es for growth
    • Everything From “SEO Starter” and “Content and SEO Accelerator Package”
      • Includes each of the ac0vi0es listed in the baseline and master packages, but adds the following:
    • Full Website Audit
      • Deep dive into the brand’s website
      • Look at design, user experience, technical aspects, core web vitals, and more
    • Digital Presence Review
      • Review all distribu0on channels, including but not limited to: email, social media, podcasts, blogs, and more
      • Uncover any gaps, assess strengths, weaknesses, opportuni0es, and threats
      • Present ac0on plan for growth
    • 30-45 page report
      • Highlight key findings
      • Score overall ranking
      • Present opportunities fro growth
      • *Includes both SEO baseline report and SEO and content master report

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?