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According to Adobe, consumers spend over a quarter of their day engaging with digital content. Let that sink in. Over 25% of a future customer’s day is spent absorbing online information that will lead them to a purchase! Successful businesses understand this and think of the content as another product they can deliver to customers. And you know what? It works. Being the source of valuable, engaging content has been proven to increase leads, boost brand awareness, build trust with consumers, and increase brand loyalty.

You may be asking yourself, “if it’s that effective, why isn’t everyone doing it?” Good question. It takes a good deal of work and dedication that most small businesses don’t have the resources to provide internally. That’s where UJM comes in.

At UJM, we offer data driven and highly targeted content that attracts the right consumer for your business. We take content seriously and that means you will have a quality asset that will provide traffic for your business for years to come.

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