WPBakery Plugin: Manual Update Process

  1. Go to ThemeForest, login and download the most recent version (Installable WordPress File only)
  2. Create a staging version of the site if possible. If not no WPEngine or MT PWP, use All In One Word Press to make a backup that you can easily deploy.
  3. Upload the new version: It will warn you that there’s an existing one
  4. Activate it
  5. Browse to the plugin (it should welcome you to the new version).
  6. Make sure there are no deprecations. Sometimes, there are add-ons or assets that get deprecated.
  7. Check for any alerts that need to be addressed.
  8. Compare the Staging Site to the Live site. Pay special attention to any pages that rely heavily on VC.
  9. Rinse and Repeat on Live site in a maintenance window or, if safe, sync from staging to live or export via All In one WordPress and Import.

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