GACDL Hosting & Password Resets is under maintenance with UJM, but they are an oddity.  Their site is actually hosted by MembershipWorks, which also provides their membership features for the organization.  This means:

  1. They cannot send email from their server, it comes from the Membership Works area of the site
  2. To Reset a password for an admin, you have to login to Membership Works area and find it under Organizational Settings>Integrations
  3. Certain plugins, themes and the WP Core software are handled by MembershipWorks and not by us. They will show pending, but you won’t be able to update them. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to know which plugins they do and we have to do, so just try the update and see what happens.

MembershipWorks login and access to the WP site are both in LastPass

From MembershipWorks:


To clarify, the main admin in MembershipWorks ( has access to reset all of the WordPress admin’s passwords following the steps provided in our last email. If you are logged in as the secondary admin (, you will not be able to reset your WordPress admin account. The main admin would need to update this for you and provide you with the new password. Once logged into WordPress with the new password they provide, however, you could change your password in WordPress.

Note that secondary admins can request a new MembershipWorks password by going to and selecting “Request Password”.
The site migration plugin is used to update all of the URLs of your WordPress pages when your site address URL (under WordPress > Settings > General) is updated. When we launch your website server your website and its pages are accessed through an IP address. Once you updated your site address URL to your domain this plugin will ensure that all pages on your site are migrated over to use the domain instead of the IP address.

Updates to WordPress itself and the plugins that are pre-installed by MembershipWorks such as Layer Slider would be performed by us, once our development team has tested the updates to ensure compatibility with our system. So only plugins that you have downloaded/installed yourself should be updated manually by you.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any additional questions.



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