Enabling reCaptcha

To enable captcha, do a google search for ReCaptcha.  Login as your own user and you should be able to create the keys.


When creating the keys, be sure to add other members of UJM that may need to access them. It has to be a google associated account and not a group or mailing list:

Keep the window with the keys open or copy and paste them somewhere.

Go to Gravity Forms>Add Ons and install Recaptcha:


Go to General settings for Gravity Forms, not form specific, and enter the keys. Make sure it’s for Recaptcha 3, this hides the spam checking.  Be sure to check that the branding is okay. This lets folks know we’re checking for Spam.

Unless you have a specific form on the same site that you do not want to use Recaptcha 3 on, it will automatically put it on all forms.

Remember, you should NOT do this until the site is launched. the keys are assigned to the domain name, so it’s a waste to do them on development URLS.

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