Keep Your Website Updated!

You work hard to keep your place of business clean, inviting, and helpful for your customers. You should approach your website’s appearance in the same way. Someone is searching for a site. [...]

What If I’m Not Mobile Ready?

Roadblocks Roadblocks. Does anyone like them? No. They cause back-ups and slowdowns in traffic. People turn around and leave the area or they hear about it and avoid the area altogether. Your [...]

What Is Professional Web Design?

The Vanishing Designer Strikes Again “I can’t seem to track down my web designer. Can you help?” We hear it all too often. A company hires a “designer” who then [...]

Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

You Wouldn’t Paint Your Own Billboard, Would You? Over the years I’ve heard countless excuses from people who are bound and determined to build their own websites. Usually it comes [...]